David Compares the 9mm and 45 ACP versions of the Taurus 24 / 7 DS

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By David Freeman

Personally, I’ve been amazed at how easy the Taurus 24 /7  DS Pro has been to carry as a daily concealed carry weapon, especially since I’ve previously carried various 9mm semi-automatics. I borrowed my former 9mm pistol for a little show and tell. I can show you better with pictures than with a lot of writing, but I do want to mention just a couple of things before show and tell.

First, in size the guns are almost identical. The perspective in some of my photos may skew that a bit, but they are very difficult to tell apart. The magazine wells are at slightly different angles and of course the 45 is a tad wider. The ejection port is slightly larger on the 45, and of course the inside dimension of the barrel is bigger – not the outside, though. The external barrel dimensions are almost identical.

The guns weigh the same. Empty, they weigh in at 18 ounces on my postal scale. The loaded magazines–17 rounds in the 9mm and 12 rounds in the 45–both tipped the scale at 10 ounces. So there you have it – 28 ounces fully loaded.

The double action trigger pull on the 45 seems a little longer to me–not harder, just longer. They both point and shoot the same. I’m sure the 45 has more recoil, but honestly, I don’t notice it and am able to get back on target quickly.

I hope this is helpful for anyone trying to decide. The price is the same, at least where I bought mine. $379 at Academy Sports.

Update May 2016:

Taurus upgraded the 24/7  series, along with the Millennium Pro series a couple of years ago. The new guns are supposed to be better, but frankly, I’m glad I still have my old ones. There was some issue that resulted in a law suit claiming the originals would, or rather could, fire if dropped at a certain angle. Taurus did the right thing by offering a repair/replace program to existing owners and modifying the guns resulting a G2 version. Either version are fine guns in my book.

Author: David Freeman

Professional dedicated to training and equipping people to live safely in a dangerous world.

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