Another Plug for Taurus Pistols

By David B. Freeman

Taurus 24/7Last night as I walked by my gun closet I heard a whisper. “Take me; take me,” it said. I opened the door quickly to see which of my guns was talking. At first I didn’t see where the sound had come from. Every gun seemed to be quiet and in its case. Then I heard it again, only this time it said, “Up here, up here!” It was the 45 ACP Taurus 24/7 house gun. The one that’s there for when the bad guys come calling. There it sat on the top of a book shelf, reminding me it had been far too long since it had been to the range.

“You’re right,” I agreed as I took it down and cycled the slide. “You serve us faithfully night after night, on standby with very little chance of action. You deserve to go shooting.”

So today, we did. I have more expensive pistols. I carry more expensive pistols and have no complaints with either my SIG P226 Elite or my Springfield XDm. But I sure enjoy shooting the Taurus 24/7. 

Maybe that’s because my first semi-automatic pistol was a 9mm Taurus 24/7. It shot fine and never gave me a bit of trouble. I only sold it to make room for this 45 Caliber version. Not long ago I bought a 40 Caliber Taurus 24/7. It was on sale at a great price and somebody, somewhere, maybe somebody in my family, is going to want a good, low-cost pistol and I’ll have just what they need.

I should have brought my target home so I could post a picture. It was one ragged hole shot from 10-12 feet.

I have to be honest and say that a couple of the WWB 230 grain FMJ rounds didn’t load without a litle coaxing. But with the 185 grain JHPs I keep in the gun, that’s never been a problem. The smaller caliber 24/7s have never refused to digest anything I’ve fed them. It’s just the 45 that’s a little picky with cheap hardball.

As I was leaving the range I showed my target to another firearms instructor who was there with husband and wife clients. He grinned and said, “Yeah, I was just telling these folks about the Taurus 24/7.” See, don’t believe all the bad press you read on the Glock forums. Taurus makes fine firearms.

2 thoughts on “Another Plug for Taurus Pistols

  1. Gary T

    It’s kind of funny you mention Taurus, I was looking for a better fit for my concealed carry and was looking at a few guns some of my friends recommended. They were all fine fits but on the expensive side. I hadn’t thought of the Taurus but one happened to catch my eye that day. I am a big 9mm fan and it was the Taurus Millenium PT111Pro. Way better on the wallet and I have put about 500 rounds through it without a problem. I have no doubt this gun will serve me well for a very long time.


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