Ammo – Quick Pick Charts to Aid in Selection

In my previous post I wrote about effective ammo for self defense and gave my own personal reasons for picking both a caliber and an ammunition that would deliver at least 400 ft./lbs. of energy on target. I didn’t cover revolver calibers or some of the less popular semi-automatic calibers in that post. I’ve revisited the issue and in doing so presented some charts. If you seriously take in what’s in the charts you’ll understand why I believe the industry is doing a big disservice in selling the .380 ACP handguns as a serious self-defense caliber. Considering that the law enforcement industry all but abandoned the .38 Special back in the mid-1980s because they were getting outgunned by the bad guys so often and seeing in these charts that even the .38 Special has an advantage over .380 ACP, you’ll see what I mean. So here they are, showing the top 5 performers for each handgun caliber:







Revolver Calibers





Comparison Chart of the Best of All Calibers

The column on the left is ft./lbs. of Energy and the Red Line represents my target performance.

Defensive Ammo Comparison Chart


Author: David Freeman

Professional dedicated to training and equipping people to live safely in a dangerous world.

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