What I Like About Colt

Other than my fascination with Cowboy guns, I saw no reason to buy a Colt semi-automatic and had witnessed a lot of reasons not to. Second only to Kimber, for the first three years we were in the handgun license training business we saw more failure to feed (FTF) and failure to eject (FTE) issues with Colts than other brands. To be fair, the Colts showing up at our classes ranged from old WWII models somebody’s daddy had in a drawer for 40 years without cleaning, to new production Colt New Agents and other small guns, somewhat prone to fail anyway if you don’t hold them correctly. Why would I buy a Colt if all I got was grief? Historically, Colt has been a great brand, but their ownership has changed often over the years and quality control seemed to have taken a beating at times.

Colt LW Commander
Colt LW Commander

Things changed a couple of years ago when a wholesaler’s rep called with some special offers, one of which was a Colt 1991 model at a very affordable price. The price was so good I bought the gun just to say I’d owned a Colt. It surprised me. It worked, and it shot quite well. I kept it for awhile and decided since I my preference is for Commander-sized 1911s (4.25 inch barrels), which I find easier to carry and conceal, I sold the original Colt for a profit and bought a Colt Commander. Loved it! I loved it so much I sold it and immediately bought a Lightweight Colt Commander to replace it. I toyed with that Commander a bit, putting on first this set of grips, then that set of grips on it, until I settled on a set of nice Colt-branded rosewood grips. That Colt is now in my daily carry rotation and I’m proud to wear the Colt cap when I’m carrying it. I can shoot it well and I’ve never had any type of feeding or ejection issues with it.

Colt M45A1
Colt M45A1

Once I got over my hesitancy to own a Colt, another one caught my eye, this one a Marine Close Quarters Combat pistol, the M45A1. I like this gun so much, I bought a custom-leather inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster for it. I’ve shot all my favorite defensive rounds in it with no failures and some pretty good bragging rights targets. I’m now a Colt fan. I finally got my D.M. Bullard leather holster broken in so the big Colt draws easily from it. I carry this gun when I’m feeling frisky and I feel good about the history behind Colt and our fighting forces.

I have a Colt 1911 .22 made by Walther and imported by Umarex. And, I’ll someday, probably, I hope, own a real Ace .22 Colt 1911 that belongs to my mother-in-law. My father-in-law bought it during WWI for her home protection while he was away at sea. They didn’t pay a lot for it then, but since there weren’t many of these made, it now has a significant value attached to it for collectors. She wants to hang onto it, but I asked her to put a note in the box saying when she’s gone, David gets the Colt. We’ll see.

All of my Cowboy guns are clones, but the handguns mimic the Colt Peacemaker Model 1873. Now that was a gun!

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