What I Like About Springfield

Springfield XDm 45When my father died and left me a little cash, I thought I’d treat myself. The first handgun I bought that I paid more than $500 for was a Springfield XDm in .45ACP. I was drawn to the Springfield because of what I’d seen over and over in our Concealed Handgun License range classes. People who shot Springfields tended to make one big hole in the center of the target. I knew from that experience the Springfield was accurate. I also knew the reputation of the company and how well made the guns are. The XD series is made in Coatia. Go figure. They sure make them rugged there.

It’s a big gun, but I got a Crossbreed SuperTuck holster to fit it and carried it. I carried it a lot until my conversion to 1911s. There is nothing negative I can say about this gun.

One of my sons and a lot of my friends have the single stack XDS models, 9mm, .45 and now .40 S&W. The only one I’ve personally shot is the XDS. 45 and it shoots pretty much like a 1911. I was surprised at how little recoil I felt. I wasn’t surprised at it’s accuracy. I follows the pattern of almost every Springfield I’ve seen.

Springfield Lightweight OperatorAmong the favorites that come through our shop are the EMPs, which are kind of baby 1911s and the the Range Officer Compacts. For some reason when it comes to Springfield, I like the bigger 1911s. I’ve had a stainless steel loaded 1911. Beautiful gun but a little heavy. The one I have now and which is in my carry rotation is a Springfield 1911 Lightweight Operator. Operator is Springfield’s code for “it has a rail”.  Loaded, by the way, is Springfield’s code for “it has adjustable sights.” I find it interesting that my full-size Springfield 1911 is a very comfortable carry gun. I guess it’s because it has a lightweight frame. It’s also a every comfortable gun for me to shoot, especially with ARX ammunition.

Champion is the name Springfield gives to the 3-inch 1911s. Springfield make guns of every size and configuration imaginable. There’s not a bad one in the bunch. In fact, we’ve learned from some conversations with Springfield engineers that they overbuild all of their guns.

There was a Springfield that had a recall a couple of years ago. It was the XDS, not long after it was launched. Somehow Springfield discovered there was something like a one in two-million chance that a gun could go off when the slide slammed forward. Unacceptable, even though we always keep our guns pointed in a safe direction, right?  Springfield launched a highly successful and well-publicized recall, and hopefully got them all back, modified and back into the dealer or retail customer’s hands, along with an extra extended magazine for the trouble. Springfield Armory is a name in firearms you can trust. They come out with new models pretty regularly. Among the more popular ones this past year were the Mod 2s, which have an improved grip based on some interesting research they did. The Mod 2s started with the Compact line, but will most likely permeate the entire line of XDs before it’s all said and done.


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