Handgun Observations from an Owner/Shooter/Instructor

I like guns and especially handguns. I use handguns on a daily basis for personal protection, for instruction and for fun. I like shotguns and rifles, too, but they are not day-to-day companions like handguns. While reading a book on Sig Sauer written by Maas Ayoob, I started thinking about how he shared his experiences with various models and it occurred to me that my readers, gunshop customers and students of our various classes might enjoy reading about my experiences with various handguns they may be considering.

So, I set about to write separate articles on the brands that I’ve come to appreciate, listed not in an order of any kind of favorites, but in Alphabetical Order. They are:

I hope you enjoy the separate articles, and hopefully they will help you in some of your own gun-buying experiences.

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