Updates for the New Year

I want to let you all know and hope you’ll share with your friends that my DPS certified Online training for the Texas License to Carry course is now available for a very reasonable cost of $40. This takes care of the classroom portion of the training required to get your license to carry a handgun. Visit TexasLTC.Online for details and to take the course. Notice that web address is a dot online address. A little different from the dot coms we’re used to but all kinds of web addresses are now available.

Three Taurus Handguns
Two Taurus G3’s and a G2 (the brown one)

Back in September I wrote about some of the new Taurus handguns. Now they’re starting to appear in color. Taurus’s TX22 was heralded as Handgun of the Year by Guns & Ammo Magazine. I had a feature article on it published in the Sep/Oct issue of American Handgunner Magazine. I’ve now got two of the 9mm Taurus G3 handguns. I carry one of them every day and the other is in one of the vehicle consoles.

Notice the .22 caliber TX22 below is very similar to these 9mm guns. I think Taurus made a genius move when they did that as it makes the .22 an affordable, easy-to-shoot gun for training or just for fun. Taurus actually slated it for a competition gun which should be interesting to follow.

Taurus TX22

Taurus isn’t the only company that issued a 9mm lookalike .22. Just before Christmas Glock sent me a new G44 to review. Not sure when the article will hit print, but here’s a heads up for my readers. The G44 is exactly the size and has the external features of a G19 Gen 5. Here’s what it looks like:

Glock G44 .22 Caliber

I can tell you all this because I’m not dependent up on advertising. I like the Taurus better. In fact, there are some among the gun writers who are saying the new Taurus handguns could be Glock killers. Why? They have all the features of a Glock, operate similarly, are the same size as the G19 and you can buy two of them for the cost of one Glock G19. I was in a local gun store a couple of weeks ago picking up a rifle and during the short time I was there two different men came in, not together, and each of them left with two Taurus G3 handguns. That’s an indication some smart buyers are taking advantage of that two Tauruses for the cost of one Glock price savings.

I don’t think anyone buying a Taurus G2 or G3 or TX22 will be disappointed and they’ll definitely get their money’s worth.

There are more new .22s on the horizon. It seems as if we’re having a .22 revival. The ammo makers, especially CCI, are doing their part in making it fun and practical. I have new Ruger .22 LCP II on the way. Earlier in the year we had the very reasonably priced Ruger Wrangler six-guns. Meanwhile I’ve been reviewing an HK416 .22 LR. Know the gun? Its big brother in 556 mm is the gun the Seals used to take down Osama bin Laden. I’ve got mine equipped with a Bushnell Red Dot sight and a suppressor and will soon have a stabilizer brace added. It sure is fun to shoot.

HK416 .22LR
Heckler & Koch HK416 .22 LR

Stay tuned for more. Magazine writing keeps me busy, but I’m making a commitment to keep my blog a good source of information during the coming year.

Author: David Freeman

Professional dedicated to training and equipping people to live safely in a dangerous world.

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