You May Want to Re-Think Your Carry Gun

In spite of my consistent recommendations to make sure your carry gun and ammo will do the job, I continue to see people convince themselves that a pocket .380 is the perfect gun for them. Or maybe the perfect compromise. In an effort to understand the pocket gun, small caliber mindset, I spent a few hours researching what both experts and new-to-carry folks had to say on the subject. After reading all of the arguments, I came away thinking, maybe they’re right . . . IF showing the gun is all it takes to stop a fight. Some studies say that’s the case 90 percent of the time. I’m not sure how they can arrive at that number since there is no consistent reporting mechanism on civilian firearm defensive use.

Here’s what I concluded. If you’re only liable to encounter a small-time robber, maybe you’d be okay. If you can get your gun out and if you can get it pointed at them. But you know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking active shooter scenarios. I’m thinking ISIS attacks. I’m thinking crazy, suicidal maniacs. I’m thinking gangs, or drug-crazed felons. Likely? Maybe not, but certainly possible. I want to be ready for the possible.

As I’m thinking through these issues the news comes on today about a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. It’s early as I write this and very few facts are in. Interestingly, a bunch of left-wing politicians have already waded in for “more gun control” or “stricter gun control.”  What do these people eat for breakfast? Not one mass shooting yet would have been stopped by their proposals.

You and I might be able to stop them. At least, I might. I carry a decent-sized gun with large enough caliber bullets to get some one’s attention, and I can hit what I’m aiming at.

Think about it.

Author: David Freeman

Professional dedicated to training and equipping people to live safely in a dangerous world.

2 thoughts on “You May Want to Re-Think Your Carry Gun”

  1. Just took ltc class with yall on the 29th and since have been considering carrying my commander sized sti 1911. I have noticed that you favor the commander sized 1911. Can you recommend a good holster and belt?

    1. I’m using a D.M. Bullard leather holster set up for IWB for my Commanders. It’s the Dual-Carry model which can also be set up for OWB. We generally have one of these in stock for 1911 Commanders, if not we can get one pretty quickly. If you like Kydex instead, White Hat holsters makes a good tuckable IWB holster for these guns. With either type of holster the key is a good, thick, leather gun belt. Not just a belt, a gun belt.

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