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2020 Handgun of the Year – the Ruger-57

A New 9mm Turkish Delight — The SAR9X

A Pair of 32s

A Review of the Taurus G3

Air Gun Fun!

An Excellent Explanation

An Update on Hurting Hands

Becoming Aware of Awareness

Being Careful Online – Not About Guns

Brunswick Stew And Mud-Slinging Tires How Not To Impress the Ladies

Changing Sights is Not Always Hard

Comfortable or Comforting – Why Not Both?

Cutting the 357 Maximum Down to Size

CZ-P07 – This Could Easily Become a Personal Favorite

Does the Weight of the Gun Really Matter for Concealed Carry?

Easy Upgrades You Can Do

Family Life Before Brady

Fifty (50) Years of Plinkin’

For the Man Who is Serious About Concealed Carry – Step-By-Step How To

From Mosquito to FireFly – A Fun Little .22 Pistol

Full Circle With Air Guns

Fun With 22s

Going Retro

How Important is Comfort Level?

How Not to Get Shot by a Cop

Holsters That Work for Concealed Carry

I Love Those 1911 Commanders

It’s Not Bragging if You Have the Pictures!

Life and Times of a Gun Nerd

Magazines – Who Wouldn’t Want More Rounds?

M&P®9 SHIELD™ EZ® No Thumb Safety Crimson Trace® Red Laserguard®

My Second Most Favorite Caliber – And Why

New Rimfires for 2020: Ruger LCP II, HK416, Glock 44, Taurus TX22 and the Ruger Wranglers

Old Favorites

Personal Preferences – As Varied as the People Who Have Them

Personal Security for Ordinary People

Real Life Examples of Why Carrying “Enough” Gun Matters

Rock Island – The Price is So Right and So is the Gun

Ruger’s 9mm 1911 and Colt’s Magazines

Ruger SR1911 CMD-LW – Making a Good Thing a Little Bit Better

SCCY – A Lot of Gun for Not Much Money

Self-Taught or Trained?

Slide Lock or Slide Stop?

Sometimes Peer Pressure is a Good Thing

Stoeger STR-9 Compact

Subjective Comparisons – They Matter, Too!

Summertime Carry – What?!!

Taurus Gets it Right With Two New Semi-Automatic Offerings

The Family That Shoots Together . . .

The Insanity of More Gun Laws to Prevent Violence

The Myth of Gun Registration

Three Things You Must Know if You’re Going to Carry a Concealed Handgun

Tisas Regent BR-9 — Keeping the Hi Power Alive

Weighing In on the Lightweights