David Freeman
David Freeman

This site is a compilation of articles I have written as a firearms instructor, gun store owner, firearms collector, former hunter, and fledgling gun writer.

I grew up in Oxford, Mississippi, first generation to live in town, but spent a lot more of my time in the country than within the small town that has now grown beyond my wildest dreams. My mother’s family were farmers and cattlemen. My father and his father were conservationists so the out-of-doors and the regular use of firearms were natural to me.

I’ve always enjoyed teaching pretty much anything I’ve managed to learn, so I spent a couple of decades as a flight instructor, another one teaching IT-related subjects and then on to the world of teaching the Texas License to Carry Course and basic NRA courses on handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Today finds me somewhat mobility impaired, but I can still write. As you read through this you’ll hopefully notice it covers a time period of significant discovery on my part. Whenever I’ve changed my mind or perception about certain things, I’ve written updated articles to clarify. The site has both a chronological index to articles and a subject index to articles, plus links to some of my published articles in the magazine world.

I hope you enjoy it and and if you have a question, post a note at the end of any article and I’ll do my best to respond.

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    1. Actually, I did that. I reviewed one for GUNS or American Handgunner and instead of sending it back I sent a check. You’re right it’s hoot to shoot. So loud and it breathes fire, but recoils is practically non-existent.

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