Changing Sights is Not Always Hard

Taurus USA’s move to Georgia late last year has been somewhat eclipsed by the new product offerings coming from the company- There was the TX22, a .22 caliber handgun that mimics a typical 9mm carry gun in many ways, the G3 and now their latest offering the G3c, which is a down-sized G3. In many ways it mimics the ever-popular G2. The two guns are sized identically, but the G3c has a few cosmetic changes. I’d done a write-up for it that will appear in a GUNS Magazine future issue and it’s currently well-covered in YouTube channels so my purpose here isn’t to tell you about the gun.

Taurus G3c
The new Taurus G3c

If you’re a Taurus fan, you’ll likely buy one and if you do, you may find yourself looking at the sights like I did and thinking, I need something better. One of the press releases accompanying the PR announcing the G3c was from TRUGLO announcing that some of their existing sights were compatible with the G3c. I went to Amazon and searched for one of the models the PR mentioned, tritium night sights with a big orange dot surrounding the tritium on the front sight. My eyes are such I need help so these sights seemed to be just the ticket.

It was about 9:30 on a Saturday night when I placed the Amazon order. The sights showed up at my house the next day (Sunday) around 4:00 in the afternoon. Say what you will, but that impressed me for two reasons: 1) Amazon had them in stock and 2) Weekend delivery is treated the same as weekday delivery for Amazon. Remember when you get ready to bash Amazon for being liberal (I don’t know if they are or are not), they have lots of gun stuff.

TRITIUM PRO Night Sights (Orange)
TRUGLO Tritium Night Sights

A recommended product along with the sights was a small tool for removing and installing Glock front sights. The literature with the Taurus indicated the sights on the G3c were designed to be replaced by aftermarket sights compatible with Glocks, so I bought the tool. Together, sights and the tool, the total cost was around $80. The Glock tool came in handy, making the sight change project straight forward. Here is the results:

If you’re not familiar with the Taurus G2/G3 products, I suggest you take a look at them whenever product is back in the gun stores. These guns sell for half what a corresponding Glock costs and they do the same job. I’m a little prejudice toward the Taurus pistols I admit. My first semi-auto pistol was a Taurus and I’ve owned several since. They shoot well, I’ve never had any issues with any of them, and this newest offering keeps up the tradition of offering a quality gun backed by a lifetime warranty at a working man or woman’s price.

Author: David Freeman

Professional dedicated to training and equipping people to live safely in a dangerous world.

10 thoughts on “Changing Sights is Not Always Hard”

  1. I just purchased a g3c and the sights are terrible. Since I’m broke I ordered some used glock night sights. Im hoping they will be better than the original Taurus sights.

    1. Gary, the Glock sights should be an easy install job, but there is one thing to watch for. The aftermarket sights I bought came with a tool to undo the fastener holding on the front sight. You’re going almost need a hollow nut driver to do that if you don’t get a tool with the sights.

  2. David, just a question on the G3c. I’m a left handed shooter, can the clip release button be moved to the right side? Also, when and if the time comes, may I ping you back about the sight change?

    1. Kevin, although the manual for the G3c says nothing about reversing the magazine release button it can be done and it’s actually not difficult. When you get ready to do it, there’s a couple of Youtube videos showing you how. It’s about a 5 minute job tops and only requires a small flat tip screwdriver. Regarding sights, sure. The sights I installed are TRUGLO night sights made for a Glock. They were $69 on Amazon. Just this week I installed those same types on an ATI 1911 called the Moxie. It’s another gun in which the manufacturers were smart enough to install Glock compatible sights. If you order from Amazon be sure and get the Glock front sight tool ($6) they recommend to go along with it. The front sight is removed by removing a hex head screw, accessing it from the underside of the slide. That Glock front sight tool fits right over the recessed screw head making it easy to change the sights.

  3. David, your saying the Glock front sight tool will work removing the hex head screw holding the front sight on the G3c?

      1. David, did you put any heat to the hex screw to loosen up the loctite or did it break free just using the Glock front sight tool.

  4. It broke loose pretty easily. I forgot to give you a link to the tool I used not only only for the G3c but for an ATI Moxie that I did sight update on. Here’s the tool I used:

  5. That Amazon link doesn’t appear to have worked like I thought it would, but you can go to Amazon and search for Glock front sight tool and it will come up. It was $6.98 as I recall.

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