The Insanity of More Gun Laws to Prevent Violence

Something has changed in America that has brought on school and church shootings and it’s not the availability of guns. We’ve had guns for 500 years. Just a generation ago kids had guns in their vehicles at school, even brought them in from time to time for show and tell at the Rod & Gun club weekly meeting.

Kids learned to shoot in Boy Scouts, 4-H Club, Junior ROTC, and OMG from their fathers. Guns were everywhere, but there were no school shootings. So what has changed? We now have a society largely shaped by a liberal “progressive “ agenda.

God and prayer are no longer allowed in schools. Teachers aren’t allowed to discipline. The media, in particular television, constantly barrage those who watch and listen with anti-family, anti-father, gender confusing, politically correct programming. Kids play electronic warfare games with little or no supervision. It’s more common to have a fatherless family than what used to be called a “traditional” family.

What does all of this have to do with school shootings you may ask. Everything. It’s not the guns that do the shooting, it’s kids. Mixed up, insecure, unloved kids. Passing another law won’t change that. What will change it is a massive shift of values.

First up is God. Everything about the liberal agenda is anti-God. Liberals don’t want there to be a God to whom they must answer. To them it’s all about man and his independence to do whatever he or she wants and what anybody else wants is irrelevant.

If you want school shootings to cease, love your children. Be with them. Take them to church. Show them a happy family. Teach them to shoot responsibly. It doesn’t take laws. It’s all done with freedom. Freedom to worship God. Freedom to respect your parents. Freedom from ridicule for not being politically correct. Freedom to discipline your kids in love. Freedom to be a family.

What? We don’t have those freedoms? Those of us who are older may understand we do, but for a youngster growing up in today’s society those concepts are alien, so much so that trying to adhere to those values will subject them to ridicule. No wonder some resort to violent acts to scream “pay attention to me!”

Author: David Freeman

Professional dedicated to training and equipping people to live safely in a dangerous world.

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